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03 May

Rest In Peace Afeni Shakur

A wonderful woman that I’ve grown to know and have had love for since we first met in 96 with Pac around the same time this picture was taken… I’m grateful and honored to have been given the opportunity by you to work with you on various projects. From Makaveli Branded, to “16th of June” […]

10 May

Happy Mother’s Day

I was blessed to spend some well-needed time with my Mother not too long ago back home in Chicago. Less than a year ago I told her that she’s the only person I know that’s shown me unconditional love, and for that I will always be grateful for having her in my life. She’s 1/2 […]

18 Apr


“An arrogant person stuck on their high horse will never understand why that person with humility made it further than them in the long-run…” – Goldman Stacks No matter where God has taken me in this world, coming from humble beginnings, nobody can never say that I’m no longer humble nor genuine. That’ll never change… I […]